Architecture & Design.

Mirunette International Education

Bucharest | Concept Office, 2013 | Completed

The offices are located in the heart of Bucharest, in a new building, where the design (110sqm) make good use of all of its space, bringing maximum efficiency and flexibility in terms of organizing everything according to the different types of activities in a friendly, dynamic and inspiring environment. 

The ceiling installation, custom-designed for this project and signed by architect Miruna Pavoni, is the office’s main point of interest, catching one’s eye right from the moment one steps in – subtle, intriguing yet inviting, it drives the way right to the main office space. The petrified mortarboards (graduation caps) seem to work as testimonials for both solid education and for every student that crossed the local barrier to achieving international recognition.     

The furniture resembles “home-like” study areas where young people could feel at ease. The office’s functional “zones” are emphasized on a black and white background, each clearly marked by colour-codes and icons – meant to easily identify different types of activity. 

Lighting is one key element of this project that brings together the whole spatial composition. During daytime, plenty of natural light bathes the whole space in abundance, while at night the lighting fixture installation is versatile and playful, creating a rhythm that follows the outline of the main office area and focuses on the work space. However, in both cases a game of light and shades is casted on the ceiling, turning it into a vibrant background where the mortarboards seem to be fluttering. 


"Both Mirunette Concept Office and the Learning Centre are working environments that stimulate creativity, the color scheme and the use of unusual objects used as decorative items create a fun environment in contrast to the usual offices that are often sad and aseptic." - Davide del Giudice, Senior Architect, Zaha Hadid Architects