Architecture & Design.

Stratford Hotel

London, UK | 2011 | Case-study

“A man who is tired of London is tired of life”, said Samuel Johnson in 1777. His quote became famous due to the timelessness of its message. The city has always been an endless source of variety; both a mirror towards history and a beacon of modernity, London is where the Hotel has been located.

The location of the hotel aimed for a developing area, where a punctual intervention could have effects at an urban level. Stratford area has had a very interesting evolution in time, being an important transportation hub for all airports and major train stations in the area.

Given that mobility has turned into a feature of everyday life, the concept on which the hotel project is based is to suggest through sequences the impression of movement in volumes, geometry, space configuration, structure and natural light sources. Thus the result has been materialized into various tangential volumes, flexible enough to integrate into the given context and  accomodate the required utilities, delivering a lively and dinamic product.

Mention must be made that no interventions whatsoever have been made into the existing urban tissue, and the delivered product is an exclusive result to a series of existing factors, utility requirements and luminous and aesthetic criteria. The aim was to creat a system capable of offering unity, cohesion and fluidity to the surrounding area.

The building's geometric configuration allows natural light to bathe all interior spaces, feature which represents a great asset in a location where every ray of sun is longed for. What is more, the relationship between the building and the public space generates interdependence thanks to transparencies, continuty of materials and textures.