Architecture & Design.

The Coco Pub

Bd. Ion Mihalache 319B, Bucharest | 2015 | Completed

The main idea of the Pub’s design concept mixes a “rough” industrial look with a “British twist”, which creates a masculine, warm and familiar atmosphere, offering a new sports pub concept in Bucharest. Thus “The Coco Pub” aims for an ideal place for watching sport games and spending quality time with friends.

Given that we had to make the best of every inch of the space which is rather cosy than generous, the major interventions are based on creativity, excellent space organization and furniture design, all sprinkled with decorative items, textures  and materials used in unconventional ways.

Everything is custom-made, on the one hand in order to produce a 100% response to the brief, and on the other hand to illustrate the desired concept down to the smallest details. Thus the final result turns out to be a fully customised interior.

The use of “wood” as one of the starting points of the design aims to offer a reinterpretation of the classic pub concept, meeting the requirements of the contemporary urban context of Bucharest. Defined by warm shades and atypical diagonal cladding, the wooden texture renders coherence and dynamism to the whole space. The configuration of the floor finishes consisting of “natural stone and wooden carpets” draws the fine lines for the interior organization, the circulation and seating areas.

Colours span on a monochrome palette from light gray to anthracite and even black, while yellow accents together with wooden and copper elements offer a strong vibration to the space.

Mirrors are seen as typical elements often found in British pubs, which in this case mark a game of duality and give the impression of an augmented space.